Integrated Engineering

Chastagner’s product / cost / process integrated engineering offer is based on the proximity of the development and manufacturing teams. That proximity makes it possible to combine the skills of the design and engineering office with those of the parts and assembly production workshops.

The in-house control of the manufacturing processes allows Chastagner to integrate economic constraints well upstream as part of a cost engineering approach.  This robust offering is applicable to one-off parts and small production runs in a wide range of markets: Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transport, Luxury and Design, High Tech.

Project management is set up on request. It is used to orchestrate the work of the in-house teams and that of the partners, in phase with the customer’s requirements. The means of validation deployed, both virtual and physical, ensure progress in each project is monitored.

Chastagner’s size enables the flexibility and responsiveness required to ensure the company’s facilities are adapted to the technological and economic issues in the projects of each client.